How to Evaluate the Proposals of Roofing Companies

By Cassandra M Smith.

Roof Companies

Roof Companies

When replacing the roof of your home, it may take some time and effort to come to a decision as to which roofing companies you might trust to undertake such an important job. How do you decide once you have narrowed down your choices?

There are some things to consider in determining which roofing companies’ will do the best work for you. Many check with family and friends to see who they’ve used or might recommend to you. There are reviews online and other professional associations that can help you determine the quality of your roofers.

Did the roofing company give you a written copy of the estimate given? An estimate is best when in writing, and anytime you are meeting with the roofing companies do not settle for a verbal proposal. The contractor should not be considered if they cannot provide you with a written estimate.

What should your written copy of the proposal say?

You want to know what you’re choosing when you decide which estimate you will go with, protect yourself by knowing exactly what your estimate includes. Price and final cost is not the only thing an estimate should contain. The roofer should also list the specifications of the shingles being used as well as the manufacturer.

Has the roofing contractor provided courteous and prompt service?

When working with roofing companies’, often times you can determine the quality of service just by how you are treated prior to the job. A sign of a fantastic roofing company can be when the manager or even the owner contacts you in regards to questions or general information. Were all of your phone calls and questioned answered in a timely fashion? Has the company been on time to all of the appointments you’ve had? If the answer is no, these are early warning signs to beware of that company, it shows how they are likely to do business with you.

How does the company get paid?

Any company that will ask you to pay for the work before it’s been done is not a company you will want to trust. Roofing companies’ that are legitimate and honest, will not ask for your payment until the job has been completed and you are satisfied.

Is the roofing company licensed and insured?

Check with your local city or state to verify that this company is licensed. When asking a contractor if they are insured, it’s not advisable that you take their word for it. This is something that you will want to receive in written form, stated clearly in the proposal or estimate.

Is there a wide range of shingles for you to choose?

A roofer that is able to show you a variety of shingles from different manufacturers is typically a good sign. You’ll want to be able to choose the shingles for your home whether it’s color, warranty, or general design, you’ll want to find the one that’s right for you. A roofing company that only carries one brand of shingle should prompt you to second guess your contractor choice.

What is their clean-up policy and how will they protect your things?

When you come home after a long day at work and you’ve had roofing work, do you want to come home to shingles all over your yard and messy shrubs? No you do not. Obviously, it’s not possible to repair a roof without making some sort mess, there will be debris. However, a reputable company will make sure that these areas are cleaned properly and will do a final walk through with you to be sure the area is clean, and the new roof is satisfactory.

Does the roofer have a follow-up or warranty on any of their work?

A roof isn’t something that is replaced often, so you are not likely see your roofing company after the work is done. It’s important for you to know what kind of warranty or guarantee is placed on the work, it’s best to have this in the written proposal given to you. It’s comforting to know that your roofer will stand behind the work they’ve done, and in the unlikely event that there is a problem the roofing company will stand behind you.

When searching for roofing companies, it’s not always an easy task. Be sure to get your written proposal, and follow these simple steps to ensure that the work done on your home is quality work that you can trust.

Roof Companies

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How to Get Freelance Roofing Jobs

By Michael S S

Roofing jobs

Roofing jobs

There are many different freelance roofing jobs available in your area. Whether you are just starting out, or have many years of experience, there are several tips that you can use to score a great gig. For example, one of the first things you can do to secure more freelance jobs is to act professionally. So many roofers are rough, crude, and annoying to their customers that they are never able to successfully win word of mouth generated work. By being polite and answering customers questions quickly, you can win extra points and gain word of mouth referrals which will turn your current customer’s friends, family, and neighbors into customers of your own.

Another good way to find freelance roofing jobs is to visit local home building shows. These shows are often great places to meet potential new customers. One thing you need to make sure to do while you are at these shows is to try and meet as many customers as possible. Reach out to them, introduce yourself and ask them what they are looking for. Recommend materials that meet their needs, and hand them your business card in order to seal the deal. By providing quick, calm and courteous service you will win a large number of freelance jobs. Just be sure that you take the time to talk to them and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Listen more than you speak and ask intelligent questions. People love nothing more than the sound of their own voice as well as someone else saying their name – so listen well and remember names!

A trick that may work in subdivisions and communities is to offer a neighborhood discount. Most subdivisions have homes that are built within a few years of each other. Unless a home has had a previous incident requiring the roof to be replaced, most homes will need theirs replaced within a few years or a few months of each other. You can offer a small discount based on the number of neighbors who want theirs replaced within one year, and pass the savings on to the entire group. While this may require a small upfront loss from you, it will save the homeowners money, and make you even more popular in the larger community through word of mouth referrals.

Freelance roofing jobs are sometimes difficult to come by, especially in an economy where people do not have a large amount of extra money to spend, even if necessary. Using a few simple techniques, you can bring in an amazing amount of extra freelance work. Being upfront, polite and knowledgeable about your products will allow your customers to trust you, as well as recommend you to their friends and neighbors. Do not forget to offer an incentive if a customer refers a new client to you!

Roofing Jobs.

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Smart Home Roofing Techniques For Maximum Protection

By Mark Yen

Home Roofing

Home Roofing

The home roofing job is the most critical of them all. Proper protection for your house depends on the right roofing techniques. You need to choose the right roofing materials for the particular climatic condition you have in your area of living. The well-made roof gives you the right stability and protection from all-weather related hazards. You can contact a professional roofing expert for proper home construction works. You should pick the right roofing designs like ridged, reinforced, hip, and corrugated metal roofing for perfect functionality and protection. The cost for roofing depends on the materials and the service charges of the technicians.

A planned design of roofs

You need a proper plan before you can start the new sheeting project for your home. An architect or a construction firm can provide you a constructive roofing plan. You can also appoint an all-inclusive service provider for roofing and remodeling. The roof should be designed to protect the interior and outside walls from direct UV rays of Sun. The aerodynamic roofing designs help the home in standing still during a major storm. The ridged roofing design is the most traditional roof of all times. It gives you proper protection from storm, heavy rain and shade from the sun.

The materials you need

There are a number of choices for you in choosing the right roofing materials. You can choose iron and steel sheets, aluminum sheets, wooden and metallic shingles, vinyl sheets, earthen tiles, and concrete blocks. You can choose any of them according to the functionality and your budget. You need to keep in mind that the roof is a protective covering for your home. The materials should be stable enough in enduring natural hazards. You can choose steel sheets over the iron because iron can get rusted within a few months of mounting.

Save your roofing cost

You can save on your roofing job by following some simple guidelines. You need to determine the right quantity of materials you need for roofing. A professional roofing expert can help in this job by proving you a quotation. You can save money by searching online for the cheapest roofing service provider in your area. You must see the past projects of such as roofers before appointing. The technicians must carry the required tools with them. In case they need some extra tools for the roofing job, then you go for the rentals. This way, you can save a lot of money on the construction process.

Home Roofing

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Estimate Roofing Prices

By Steven Briesemeister

Roofing Prices

Roofing Prices

As with any major job that needs doing to the house one of the most important factors that is likely to play on your mind is the cost. Roof price is made up of several factors, that we discuss below, and you should always be careful that you aren’t compromising quality or service in order to lower the roof price by a few dollars. Many roofing contractors will provide similarly price quotes but you should always ensure that you are comparing them on a like for like basis and don’t forget that the cheapest offer isn’t necessarily the best value for money and the most expensive offer isn’t necessarily the worst value for money.


Materials will be one of the biggest factors involved in calculating your roof price and while it is possible to reduce the cost by using different types of material you have to remember that this can often lead to a false economy. If using a different material means a saving of 10% on your roof price, but the material will last 30% less time then your best option is to choose the more expensive material. Obviously it is important that you select materials that are hard wearing and good looking where required but are also cost effective. You should have selected a roofing contractor that you have some faith in and discussing the particular materials with him or her will usually give you the answers you are looking for.


Labor cost may vary slightly from one contractor to another but not by very much and it is certainly unlikely to be an area that can be negotiated. Within your roof price will be charges for all laborers including the people who strip your roof and load the skip. Any preliminary work you can do yourself is always advisable and if you are able to do any of the menial work yourself then you should consider this also. You need to check the terms of liability insurance with the roofing contractor first though and agree the tasks you will complete yourself before negotiating a contract. This really can make a difference to your roof price.


This is the area that may have a little room for negotiation but every company needs to make a profit. Get quotes from small companies and from large companies and compare the roof price associated with these quotes. While small companies may not require the same level of profit as the larger companies, they will usually have to pay more for materials and other factors making the bottom line roof price very similar.

Contingencies and other costs

Things can go wrong, even to professionals. Roof work is by no means any different and roofing contractors may include a contingency fund in their quote. This means that if they do come across a problem then they won’t need to persuade you to part with more money before they can continue. You should, of course, find out what happens to this contingency fund if it isn’t required. You may think you are better off having the contingency fund taken out of the roof price but prepare yourself for having to stump up extra money if you do try this.

Roofing Prices

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Standing Seam Roofing – Taking Metal Roofing To Another Level

By Ernest Jarquio

Standing Seam Roof

Standing Seam Roof

People might think of the roofing industry as a boring field, but it is actually a dynamic trade that has been around for quite a time. With the great advancements in roofing technology coupled with a wide array of choices, there is actually more to roofing than meets the eye. One of the great breakthroughs that make roofing exciting is the emergence of standing seam roofing.

Standing seam roofing is considered to be among the most important breakthroughs for the roofing industry within the past two decades. It is highly recommended for builders who need a durable protection that is puncture-resistant and strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Benefits of Standing Seam Roof

What people like most about standing seam roofing is its durability. With the revolutionary sliding and concealed clip system, this type of roof can manage thermal shock. The clip system lets equivalent amounts of force to be diffused in two directions, allowing for better shock absorption. This is made possible through rigid base upon which the clips are attached to the structural members of the building. The roof panel is clipped to the upper pat to form a seam.

Standing seam roof are also lightweight.

A square foot of panel weighs merely from 1 to 1.5 pounds. This contributes to the roof’s ease in installation. They can practically be installed any time of the year. Standing seam roofs can easily be installed over an existing roof, eliminating the need to tear the previous layer off.

Standing seam roof is also quite easy to maintain.

The roof may perform problem-free for at least 20 years with minimal or no maintenance measures. This is so much better compared to other roofing options such as built-up roofs, which need to be maintained frequently.

Standing seam roof is also weatherproof.

It can withstand win, rain, and even snow because of the weather-tight seam that join panels together. Sealants may even be applied to these seams to further increase its protective properties. When properly installed, the roof can withstand high wind conditions, passing standards as high as UL 580 for wind uplift, as well as ratings as high as ASTM E-1592 for structural performance standard. The fire rating is high as well with a classification of Factory Mutual Class A, passing the highest standards for the industrial setting.

Standing seam roof is also very reliable.

The drainage of snow and rain is quite efficient, and thus water ponds are avoided as well as leaks and other problems that usually plague other flat roof systems. The effects of thermal movements are also prevented with the fastening system used for standing seam roof panels. The metal panels are securely locked in their places by clips within the raised seam. These clips are subtly movable, allowing the panels some room for contraction and expansion during extreme weather changes. The concealed clip also helps prevent leaks while keeping the roof attractive.

Standing seam roof is also very cost-effective.

They come with at least 20-year warranties, which is rather long compared to conventional roofing options such as single-ply and built-up systems. Because of their durability, owners can save a lot from maintenance costs.

Even if standing seam is made of metal, it can be designed to resist corrosion. To reinforce the roof’s durability, it only needs a coating of aluminum, zinc or, better yet, an alloy of aluminum and zinc. As a bonus, the protective coating may even add to the roof’s aesthetic value especially for additional coatings of organic paints with special protecting pigments. Standing seam roofing also allows for great flexibility in designing. It can be attached to both flat and steep profiles.

Another great thing about standing seam roofing, especially for those who are environmentally concerned, is that it is highly recyclable. As it is made of steel it can be recycled better than other roofing materials. It may also be reused in some cases, so standing seam roofing is a great choice for those who want to help save the planet.

The roofing industry has definitely come a long way. Standing seam roofing is one of those things that has made this industry an exciting one. So if you are choosing a good roofing material then standing seam might be the one for you.

Standing Seam Roof

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APEX ROOFING – Commitment to excellence.



Established in 1980, Apex roofing is a family owned business currently operated by Patrick and Teresa Davidson, along with family. There are some distinct advantages to hiring Apex Roofing for your roof needs. With just one well supervised (not subcontracted) crew, we don’t push through your roof project. Apex roofing has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau year after year and the Super Service award from Angies’s List. The Super Service award is only earned by 5% of contractors. These results are attained because of good old fashioned values and a conscientious work ethic that is guided by integrity.   Roofing is not just a job…  We are dedicated to our customers and strive for the best.  We approach every home project as if it were our own


Pat Davidson started Apex Roofing shortly after graduating from High School. It was 1981 and America was in a severe recession, not a great time to start a business. Pat’s original goal was to use the proceeds from Apex Roofing to pay for his business degree and pursue a business management career. Business got better and better with each passing semester and after accomplishing his degree, Pat partnered with his brother Steve Davidson.

Steve, currently retired, was a U.S. Military Veteran and Purple Heart recipient, brought more than two decades of experience in construction and his own sense of attention to detail and integrity acquired from serving his country. Between the two of them and some great employees, (many who were family members), they guided Apex Roofing to one of the best reputations in the Detroit Metro area.

With a degree in business administration and over 30 years in the residential roofing field, my nephew Larry is a great asset to the family business. It’s very helpful and reassuring to have such an honest and thoughtful individual to help facilitate the ongoing success of our team.

Roofing Estimates

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6 Things You Need to Know About Roofing Estimates

By Scott Gary

Roofing Estimates

Roofing Estimates

Roofing estimates are needed to give you an idea on the amount of money that is needed to repair your roof or replace it when it is damaged. We all know that roof damages and wear are inevitable, and at a certain point, you’ll need to have it repaired.

The problem may get worse if you do not find solution immediately. A worsened roofing problem may cause you to spend more than the amount that you have prepared. To avoid more problems, you must have the right information on the things you need to do. Below are some tips to help you get a good and accurate estimate for your roof.

About Roofing Estimates

  1. It is of great importance that you do your research well on roofing contractors. You can either use the phone book yellow pages in your home to search for top contractors or you can also search for the answers on the Internet. You might have some relatives who had their roofs done recently. You can ask them if they can recommend a particular company to you.
  2. Call each of these roofing contractors and ask them the exact price that they usually charge. Most of the time, roofing contractors will go to your house to assess the extent of the damage and to determine how much you should be charged. They will also give you a run down on particular things that they will do to address the problem with your roof.
  3. 3.Don’t be reluctant to ask questions like how much it will cost, how long it will take them to finish the roof repair or replacement, and how they came up with such roofing estimates. You can ask for a breakdown so you can compare prices with other contractors. This will help you get the best deals and save money.
  4. Look for a company that is reliable and can finish the project on time. Choose the one that uses the best materials and applies the latest technology when it comes to repairing and replacing roofs. Search for reviews from previous clients and check out whether their customers are satisfied with the work that they have done. Through this, you’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth and that your roof will surely last for a long time.
  5. Ask contractors if they can possibly lower the roofing estimate and if they can help you work with the budget that you have. The good ones will give you advice on the appropriate things that need to be done.
  6. Examine these estimation costs before finally settling on one company. Think of the pros and cons before you say yes to a particular contractor.

The prices for roofing estimates may vary depending on the company that you’ll hire. They also depend on the extent of the work that needs to be accomplished. You need to make sure that you get the services of people who are known in the industry for delivering quality services in terms of repairing and replacing roofs. So, keep these tips in mind to get the best deals in town.

Roofing Estimates

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Lowe’s & Home Depot Metal Roofing Prices and Options (Lowes Roofing)

By Jeff Klaus

Lowes Roofing

Lowes Roofing

Lowe’s and Home Depot sell metal roofing, but only in select locations – mostly in northern states and in the Midwest. This is because there is not enough demand for these products in every store. Why? Well, smart guys at both of these companies did the market research and figured out that it does not make sense for them to stock metal roofing in every store. However, you can order online or at the Pro Desk, and in a couple of days your panels will be shipped to your nearest store, for pick-up.

In most of the US regions, products like asphalt shingles are much more popular than metal panels, which would not sell as well, while taking up valuable retail space. On the other hand, the weather conditions in northern states and in the Midwest create a much bigger demand for metal roof panels from homeowners and small contractors.

States where ice dams, hail damage or wild fires are common problems, are prime locations to carry metal panels, because metal roofing is excellent at preventing ice dams, stopping hail or fire. In fact, in many states where wildfires are a big problem, homeowners can get home a insurance discount if they install a metal roof.

Which metal roofing does Lowe’s and Home Depot sell

Oddly enough – Lowes roofing sells corrugated and 5-rib R-panel metal roofs made by Fabral – a well-known and respected manufacturer, which homeowners and contractors can also purchase from most roofing suppliers.

Home Depot sells the same type of 5-rib R Panel made by some “no name” brand – Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation. Honestly, I’ve never heard of them, while Fabral is a big player in the metal roofing industry.

So the primary type of metal roof that both of these stores sell is a 5-rib (R-panel profile) 29 ga steel roof panels with acrylic coating. This is an “exposed fastener system that is VERY easy to install for roofers and homeowners alike, and provides great protection from rain, snow and ice. Unlike asphalt shingles, it is a long-lasting roof covering (with proper maintenance).

Lowes Roofing

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Top 10 Things To Look For in a Quality Roof Company

By Jeff Klaus

Roof Company

Roof Company

Locally Owned and Operated

Make sure the roof company has a physical presence and history in your city/ state. Often times, roofers will travel out-of-state (storm chasers) to a known hail storm area. They may not be licensed in your state to replace roofs or back up their warranties once they leave the area.

Licensed in Your State

Being licensed ensures that the roof company has met the requirements for that state to properly install your roof. Some states don’t require a roofing company to be licensed. This means that they could have just recently become a roofing company without the experience required to properly replace your roof.


Having experience in the roofing industry is crucial. They will be familiar with all of the local codes and methods of construction. This also allows roofing companies to develop long relationships with the best trades in the industry in order to provide you with the best quality job done right the first time. 10 or more years experience is a definite plus.


Most solid roof companies provide a labor warranty. Usually it’s a 1-year warranty that states if anything goes wrong on your roof due to faulty workmanship, they will fix it for free within the first year. Look for a company that has 5 year warranty or longer and beware if they don’t provide one at all.

Preferred Vendor

Some roof companies have a higher status in the industry due to their ethics, customer service and business practices. They can obtain these with manufacturers like Owens Corning, GAF as wells as others. Ask for their level of status with these suppliers. They are typically members of various roofing organizations as well.

Insurance Claim Specialist

Working smoothly with insurance companies is a must. Sometimes there are unexpected issues that arise during your project. A great roofing company will be able to ensure you get everything you need filed under your claim even if something unforeseen happens after your initial claim.

Properly Insured

A $1M General liability insurance (GL) is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from business operations. Some companies have worker’s compensation or have their trades supply it. Ask to see a copy of the GL at the point of sale.

Contractor Skills

Many insurance claims require a variety of trades to complete the scope of work. Having contractor skills usually ensures that they know construction and will be able to apply that knowledge to completing the items in the insurance estimate. They also will have a long list of qualified sub contractors to do the work.


Check to see their rating on the BBB, Angie’s List and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Ask to see if they have reference letters as well.


Make sure that they do not use high-pressure tactics to make you sign a contract first without the support of proper documentation mentioned above. Make sure they have a defined outline of how they go to business with you. Once they have proven this, go with your gut.

Roof Company

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Shingle Roofing – Plenty of Options to Explore


The Shingle roofing is pretty widespread and is recommended by architects and roof contractors to households who would like to make a long term investment in a roof. The popularity of shingles is also because of the fact that this roofing option has many designs and patterns in it that a homeowner can pick and choose from. The variety within shingles is amazing something that cannot be found in other style options. Shingles can be used for new construction projects as well as for remodeling projects. It is this flexibility that this option offers that has made it the obvious choice among several home owners.

While making a choice of shingles, you have to base your decision on several factors. As a roof is exposed to the extremities of the weather. You should take care that the material you choose to install should be strong enough to resist the abrupt changes in the weather. For instance when you use slate for shingles you can be assured that heavy snow or heavy winds will not affect the strength of the roof. This is because when shingles in slate is installed the support underneath is made strong to hold the shingles. This may take more time while installation but this will also make the roof durable and long lasting. Shingle roofing in slate is also fire resistant. This is a natural roofing option and therefore is slightly cheaper than other options.

Shingles in Fiberglass And Asphalt are Pretty New Trends

Shingles in fiberglass and asphalt are pretty new trends and they are fast catching up. Many offices and commercial complexes are equipped with shingle roofing in fiberglass. When laid in the form of a composition these shingles tend to last long. Composition shingle roofing also works out to be very cheap. Regardless of the type of material you think will best suit your needs, you should always take the professional assistance of a roofing contractor before you get shingles installed for your roof. Consulting a roofing contractor is very important because there are some technical details about a roof that you may be unaware of. Once the installation is done it is very hard to reverse the whole process. Therefore to be safe than sorry it is always advisable to take the help of a service provider. Who will guide you correctly while getting shingles installed.

Shingle Roofing

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