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Roof Types and Complimentary Roofing Materials

By Jessie Owens

Roof Types

Roof Types

Before considering a roof redesign, roof replacement or when building a new home, you should look up the kinds of roofs available. You do not necessarily have to use the same kind of roof as in your old home. There are many options out there that have differences in utility and aesthetics.

One of the most common types of roof is the gable roof. Gable roofs with composition shingles represent more than half of American homes. It is simple for Denver roofing contractors to build, and it has some positive design features like easy ventilation and rain shedding. Some even use the false thatched roof style, that uses tan shingles formed on the eaves to look like a thatch overhand.

The hip roof is similar to the gable except it has triangles that shed water on the ends, while the gable just has two planes. It is harder to ventilate, and some HVAC contractors dislike it because of the possibility of leaks and less room inside. Shingles are still popular, but you might try tile as well.

A frames look like a capitol A stuck into the ground. The roof goes all the way to the ground and doubles as the walls. Usually used in smaller cottages and the like, now some ambitious Denver roofing contractors are using A-frame construction on churches in unconventional ways. These commonly use metal roofing, although I have seen tile.

Simple Roof Construction Category

The flat roof is popular on the big box retailers because it is the cheapest roof. You just construct a flat plane on the top of the beams. These roofs are usually not considered very attractive for two reasons. One, because it is flat, you cannot see it from below, and two, the top is often covered with layers of felt, tar and gravel. This is called “built up roofing” by Denver roofing contractors. A perfectly flat roof would have problems with water pooling. So even flat roofs on large buildings should have a slight pitch for water drainage. These roofs are uncommon in the north because they do not shed snow.

Still in the simple roof construction category, the shed roof is a roof that only has one angled plane. So the high side is on one wall and the low on the opposite. This is also easy to build, but uncommon in larger structures. You could use corrugated metal roofing to make the whole process easier.

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Types of Residential Roofing

By Alex Pupkin

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

When you think of residential roofing, you probably conjure images of standard asphalt roofs, the most common variety in North America today. Yet, depending on where you live, this may not be true. Indeed, in addition to asphalt, there are a wide range of types of residential roofing including wooden shakes, metal, tile, slate, and fibreglass. Each homeowner will have an individualized preference, but also each type of roof has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofs are well suited to all styles of home, and because they are inexpensive but durable, they are a popular choice for homeowners. Moreover, asphalt shingles are available in a wide range of colours and types so you’re sure to find something that suits your personal style. Asphalt roofs are relatively easily and cheaply repaired, and they provide excellent resistance to fire. Unfortunately, compared to other roofing types, asphalt varieties tend to have more problems with mildew and moss, and they are not the most eco-friendly option available.

Wooden Shakes

Wooden roofs are an attractive addition to your home, especially for bungalows, ranchers, and cottages, but even a contemporary home is well suited to wooden roofs. Though they look natural, provide excellent insulation, and are highly durable when properly maintained, wooden shakes are also more expensive than other types of roofing systems, especially compared to asphalt. In addition, in order to get the most from a wooden roof, regular maintenance is required to prevent rot, mold, and mildew. Wooden shakes are also more susceptible to fire.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are available in a wide range of styles and colours so they can match any type of home. These roofs have an exceptionally long lifespan and require little maintenance. Metal roofs perform well in high wind, hail, and rain, and they’re environmentally responsible. Unfortunately, metal roofs can be expensive and difficult to install.

Tile Roofs

We often associate tile roofs with homes that have a European flavour. These roofs provide exceptional fire resistance as they are non-combustible. But in addition to practicality, they are also stylish and available in many different colours. Easy maintenance and durability make them a great choice for some homeowners, while their cost and weight make them unsuitable for some projects. Tiles are also fragile and installation and repair can be challenging.

Slate Roofs

Not only are slate roofs distinctive and highly attractive, but they also require little maintenance and offer exceptional durability. Slate roofs are certainly impressive, but also very expensive due to the material involved as well as the requirement for specialized installation. Slate roofs are heavy and high maintenance.


Finally, fibreglass roofs are becoming a popular choice for virtually any style of home. These roofs are lightweight, so they don’t have the same structural requirements as slate or tile roofs. Available in many shapes and colours. Fibreglass roofs can mimic the appearance of slate or wood roofs but are much less expensive. In addition, environmentally conscious homeowners will prefer these roofs over asphalt alternatives. Moreover, they do not provide the best insulation compared to other roofing types.

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Residential and Commercial Roof Contractors

By Paul A Buchanan

Roof Contractors

Roof Contractors

There are many roofing contractors available to the general public. The hard part is in choosing the right contractor that you can trust to get the job done correctly, and at a fair price. Considering the amount of damage that can be caused by having a roof installed improperly. You should always seek an established and experienced contractor before settling for someone down the street that says he can give you the best price.

Residential projects are what people are most familiar with compared to commercial roofing practices. Most residences have a standard asphalt shingled roof. Shingles are always budget friendly, last a very long time, and are pretty durable through the elements. If you happen to live in a area that is consistently beat on by nature. Your other options include metal roofing, and even a system that uses wood shingles. These two different types typically cost more money than asphalt shingles. But they will hold up to bad weather much more consistently, and will last a much longer time. Your roofing contractor can help you to choose which type of roofing system would be best for your home, depending on your desired budget.

Traditional Roofing System

One of the top reasons is this type of roof has to last longer. Another reason they are so intricate is because they have to have certain peaks that help to drain water down more efficiently considering the sheer size of the roof. Mainly used by roofing contractor with this type of application is a metal roof of some sort. Or it can even be a concrete building that doesn’t have any type of traditional roofing system that you are used to seeing. Some commercial buildings, such as offices, can still use the same shingles a home would use. All of this just depends on the size of the building.

Roofing contractors can also help people deal with their insurance companies if they are looking to replace their existing roof due to storm damage. They can assess the roof in order to tell the homeowner or business owner. If the damage done to their roof was caused by nature. In this case, you would just have to pay the deductible, and then you essentially get a free roof. Even if your insurance doesn’t provide you with paying for repairs, your trusted roofing contractor can repair your existing roof at bargain prices, making any roofing option affordable.

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GAF Roofing Shingles

By Steven Briesemeister

GAF Roofing

GAF Roofing

GAF Materials, creators of GAF roof shingles, was founded in 1886 and has grown to be North America’s largest commercial and residential roofing manufacturer after approaching $2 billion in sales. Among the many recognitions that GAF roofing shingles have received include three straight years as being selected for Life Magazine’s “Dream House.” Among the recognitions given by Home Builders include #1 in shingle and ridge vent quality, #1 for innovation for shingles and ridge ventilation and #1 shingle brand used. There are many brands of GAF roof shingles to choose from.

Grand Timberline GAF Roofing Shingles

Grand Timberline GAF roofing shingles are offered at a fraction of the cost of regular wood shakes. They are 33% thicker and up to 50% larger, feature highly contrasted color blends, which results in a dimensional look. Their super heavyweight construction provides for ultimate durability while the custom specified, Micro Weave core provides excellent protection. These shingles feature a Class A fire and wind rating from Underwriters Laboratories. Algae protection combined with a lifetime limited transferable warranty round out the features of these shingles.

Camelot GAF Roof Shingles

They feature super heavyweight PLUS construction, which features up to a 60% increase in thickness compared with many other premium asphalt shingles. They also feature the Micro Weave core for added protection, Class A fire and wind ratings from Underwriters Laboratories and Algae protection. A special double row of Dura Grip adhesive secures each shingle and it warranted to withstand winds up to 110mph.

Sentinel GAF Roof Shingles

These are the basic GAF shingles, which currently protect over one million homes throughout the nation. They feature a strong Micro Weave core for durability and Dura Grip adhesive to secure each shingle. The Sentinel shingles offer a 20 year limited transferable warranty.

Royal Sovereign GAF Roof Shingles

These shingles are among the most preferred fiberglass strip shingle in their class. Features include an extra-strong Micro Weave core for durability and a 25 year limited transferable warranty. These shingles can be installed over an existing roof and they feature Dura Grip adhesive seals for each shingle.

Marquis WeatherMax GAF Roof Shingles

These popular 3-tab shingles provide all-weather performance. Their super heavyweight design and Micro Weave core assist the shingles to resist tearing while protecting against harsh winter weather temperatures. These shingles are said to withstand winds up to 80mph and feature a Class A fire and wind rating.

Jumbo Royal Sovereign GAF Roof Shingles

These shingles combine 3-tab design with an extra large design. A special row of Dura Grip adhesive seals will help the shingles to withstand winds up to a warranted 110 mph. They feature a Class A fire and wind rating and a 25 year limited transferable warranty.

Grand Slate GAF Roof Shingles

These shingles combine the authentic look of slate with a lifetime limited warranty, they feature extra thick tabs at a fraction of the cost of expensive slate, their super heavyweight PLUS construction allows for ultimate durability while their high performance Micro Weave core provides protection. A Class A fire rating and algae protection are among the benefits of the GrandSlate shingles, which also feature a double row of Dura Grip adhesive seals and the ability to withstand warranted 110 mph winds.

Slateline GAF Roof Shingles

These extra large shingles feature a 110 mph limited wind warranty and have the appearance of slate. Their Class A fire and wind rating combined with their heavyweight design round out the specs on these affordable alternatives to authentic slate shingles.

Timberline 30 GAF Roof Shingles

These fiberglass asphalt shingles feature a Shadow Accent effect with Dura Grip adhesive seals, a 30 year limited transferable warranty is also available.

Timberline Select 40 GAF Roof Shingles

The Timberline Select 40 shingles feature the Shadow Accent effect and a classic wood shake appearance. A heavyweight design with Micro Weave core and a Class A fire and wind rating round out the features.

Timberline Ultra GAF Roof Shingles

These are the premiere shingles in the Timberline Series, They have a Class A fire and wind rating with a super heavyweight design and Dura Grip adhesive seals, which help these shingles hold up against a warranted 110 mph wind.

Grand Sequoia GAF Roof Shingles

These patented, extra large shingles feature a Class A fire and wind rating with a super heavyweight design. A Micro Weave core and algae protection round out the features.

Country Mansion GAF Roof Shingles

A lifetime limited warranty combine with a distinctive appearance and versatile color palette in Country Mansion shingles. Their super heavyweight PLUS construction, Micro Weave core and Class A fire and wind rating are among the other benefits to this product. Algae protection and double row of Dura Grip on each shingle round out it’s features.

Grand Canyon GAF Roof Shingles

A subtle shadow effect compliment the sophisticated design of Grand Canyon shingles. The shingle tabs are 20% thicker and have a super heavyweight PLUS design, natural color palette and high performance. They have a Class A fire and wind rating, Dura Grip adhesive seals on each shingle and a lifetime limited warranty.

Country Estates GAF Roof Shingles

A lifetime limited warranty, strikingly bold design, subtle color palette and super heavyweight PLUS construction are just a few of the benefits to Country Estates shingles. Rounding out the features are a Micro Weave core, Class A fire and wind rating and algae protection with double rows of Dura Grip adhesive seals on each shingle.

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Roofing Supplies – What Supplies Are Needed For a Roof?

By Chokyi Ooi



The term “roofing supplies” covers a wide range of materials and items needed for roof construction and maintenance. This includes not only shingles but molding, lumber, pipes and vents, roofing cements, ladders and all the necessary tools, even roofing nails. Starting at the top, let’s consider the roofing material. This is considered the roof proper and includes wood shingles, ceramic tiles, asbestos shingles, metal roofing sheets and tiles, rubber roofing sheets and shingles, and more. Location is a prime concern when selecting material. So that the roof will stand up to the local elements and issues that impact it.

Lumber is used in a roof primarily as the support structure or frame. This generally consists of a triangular truss and a lattice of beams. The frame serves as the base which is laid over the top. Lumber is used for other elements including the cornice, part of the frame that hangs over the wall, the fascia, or underside of the cornice, the eave, beam ends of the wood frame that allow water to drip away from the roof, and the soffit, or underside of the eave.

Pipes and vents protrude from the roof. They help the house breathe, and are also the escape routes for smoke from a fireplace or cooking hood, as well as for hot air from the attic. The bottoms of pipes and vents are commonly sealed with a boot. Or metal strip, including a lead based or plastic sealant. They have one way shields sealed with rubber so that the air or smoke can escape, but water doesn’t flow into the pipe or vent.

Roofing Tools For Up To The Roof

Roofing tools include the ladder to climb up to the roof. As well as others used for maintenance, installation and removal. These include simple items such as a broom and bucket to hold waste shingles, a slater’s hammer complete with a hammer as well as an ax and blade, a slate cutter to cut through shingles, seaming pliers to grasp shingles, and a hip runner to install the ridge cap, the portion of the roof on top of seams.

When it comes to roofing nails, they must be long enough to extend through the shingles. And go further to about 3/8 inch below the underside of the shingle. Anything that interferes with the nails biting into the wood might cause the nail to spring out of the shingle. And eventually the loss of shingles. This includes shingles with ridges, some under shingle materials, and of course nails that are too short. A good roofer can drive a roofing nail with one solid hit. A homeowner doing it themselves will find that they can drive the nails with one hit after only a few minutes. Roofing supplies aren’t as simple as they first seem. But with a little planning, you’ll have everything needed for a quality roof.

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The Top 8 Must Have Qualities of Reliable Roofing Companies

By Evane Go

roofing companies

roofing companies

Although, generally, a great roofing is able to maintain its look and efficacy between 10 years, it does fade out later on. In some cases, you will see bubbles on top, warps, and cracks. And if you don’t mind, the cracks and breaks will lead to leakage, which can cost more to repair. Of course, the level of repair needed depends on the type of damage. If the damage is too bad that it is not feasible to improve or refurbish, then you’d need to buy a whole new roofing. That being said, it is very important to ask help from the expert roofers around your area. But how do you know they are the best fit for you?

Here are the main qualities or factors to check.

1. Licensed

If you want to guarantee a high level of professionalism, demand an RBC (residential building contractor) license from your provider. This is a basic requirement for businesses who directly transact building construction services with homeowners. Most home improvement businesses already have this, but there are those who specialize in roofing only and such is declared in their permits as a special skill area. If there are other expanses that you will be renovating in the future, consider an all-around licensed supplier.

2. Insured

Some suppliers offer promotional offers like free insurance if you pay the contract in lump sum. When talking about insurance, make sure you ask about who the insurer is and also do a research on this company’s reputation and background. Usually, the contract is a package deal (meaning it comes with the policy) but if you’re doubtful about it, ask about how you can go and look for your own insurer.

Also read about the coverage and be attentive to details. One common problem is when the policy does not say that they will exactly match your original materials in case you make a claim. Or, if there is a hole somewhere, will they repair it? They are obligated to restore the property to its original state before the damage.

3. Expert Workers

If there is a policy about KYC or know your customer, then it is equally important to know your contractor! Most companies would not mind showing prospective clients the profiles of their employees to showcase their experiences and projects that they have worked on in the past. If there’s an opportunity for you to get to talk to the workers personally, then take that chance so that you can personally tell them your preferences and they can, likewise, inform you how they operate.

4. Customer Rating

Testimonial articles are reliable sources of information too, as long as these write-ups are legitimate. Do not only read testimonials on the company’s website because there’s a chance these are solicited or paid advertisements. Look for blogs and forums that tackle renovations, repair, and anything related to house assembly or remodeling, so you can find that perfect roofing company.

5. BBB Accreditation

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau.
This accreditation committee ensures that companies meet standards that enable the business owners to resolve customer complaints and after sales requests. Businesses pay fees for BBB to constantly and consistently monitor and call out non-compliance to policies and guidelines. This official approval from the BBB is not mandatory but will come in handy in case the finished product does not meet the consumers’ standards or if there are conflicts after the work has been completed.

6. GAF Certification

GAF stands for General Aniline & Film.
It is the biggest manufacturer of construction supplies in Northern America. It used to be focused on manufacturing roofing goods for residences and commercial establishments, but now it has also ventured into other home improvement industries. Having a contractor who is GAF certified guarantees that the provisions used for your house are of high-quality, durable, and have passed compliance and quality tests.

7. Free Estimate

Who doesn’t want freebies? We all do, quotations included! We, as consumers, need to know the scope of work needed to accomplish our requirements. Along with the costs associated with it. This most importantly helps us keep our expenses within the budget we set and we can also use these quotations to compare contract prices and potentially negotiate or haggle deals with different companies. Included in the free estimate, aside from scope of work. Is the BOM or bill of materials, plus other incidental costs on permits, draft approvals, and the likes.

8. Years in Business

Experience is the best teacher and if you want to get your money’s worth. Go sign a contract with the provider with the most exposure to this craft. Aside from different scenarios they might have encountered before. Their knowledge and confidence on the subject matter gives you much relief that your roofing will not be experimental nor a practice session.


10 Tips To Choose Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors

In many times households have a problem when there’s a leak in the roof and the rain comes off the house. Or the roof needs to be replaced with something new. And it needs to be fixed, means that you need roofing contractors to deal with that issue.

And the real problem is choosing the right roofing contractors isn’t easy task, you can’t just call the company that’s shown in the brochure, some of them could worsen your situation since not all of them have an experience if the damage is severe.

That’s why today. I’m going to give you some tips help you find roofing contractors that meet your needs and help you get your task done. The good roofing contractors these criteria to be qualified to be trusted and reputable.

How to Choose Roofing Contractors?

Here are the 10 tips you need to choosing roofing contractors:

  1. Prioritize local roofing contractors

    It would be less risky if you choose them from your local community since you know them better, they will respect you more. Other advantages you could get is that they know the rules of your neighborhood or norm around you, so it won’t mess the work up, and the relationship between roofing contractors with a local citizen is tight, so they can collaborate.

  2. Manufacturer designation is a must

    Manufacturer designation is considered as an award to those have done satisfying work, since the roofing contractors have to pass a minimum requirement to be certified( even though some of them have a stricter requirement than the others). By allowing only 2% of roofing contractors per market, it’s what GAF enforces to the top designation to be acknowledged as a master elite contractors. Master elite only focuses on the territory they are specialized on and Master Elit contractor can’t use these top designation in another place.

  3. Do some research at better business bureau rating

    After a storm or any bad weather arrived, a bunch of roofing contractors would definitely give you an offer. But be careful, don’t be too hurry to make a decision, it’s better for you to look up on BBB rating, never compromise the companies who are not on the list, and if they are, make sure they got a good score. Since the company should have a satisfying work, to keep on the list.

  4. Get an additional warranty

    A contractor’s workmanship needs to be in the warranty. But not all the roofing contractors offer that, in case it gets damaged later. If the contractor repairs the roof incorrectly, you don’t have to worry to fix it, maybe after 6 -12 months the damage will show up, and if the insurance won’t pay it, you may end up with regret, because you have to pay their own mistake.

  5. Safety needs to be concerned

    Contractors without safety program and well training are the worst will you get, cuz their credibility is questioning, that’s why GAF endorses a national training organization, it’s called ‘’CARE’’ which has done training for professional around two hundred an thousand person. GAF is recommended roofing contractors to deal with your problem.

  6. Check for the license and insurance is a must

    A copy of their insurance should be provided by roofing contractors that have a credibility handle various work. It must cover all domain such as subcontractors and the employees who work. Since the roofing contractors don’t possess a good insurance. You may end up with a court and hire another lawyer. If the employees wounded during the work.
    License for the contractor is necessary for most of the states, but there are always some contractors work independently with self-assessment that they are great, but actually not, that’s why you need to be careful. Always make sure they provide the copy of license if you live in the state that the license is needed

  7. Deductible

The homeowner should be responsible to pay the deductible, otherwise, it could danger you instead. Roofing contractors that promise you to fix all the damage without additional paying for the insurance is probably a scam. It’s your responsibility, and the company shouldn’t make any inflation of the result and exaggerate could cover all the deductible.

  1. Handle your claim

I suggest you handle your own claim since it’s not actually the task of roofing contractors. Those companies who claim to be able to handle the claim is actually lies. Since it’s illegal for the contractors to represent the homeowner in the court. And it won’t give you the best result.

  1. Don’t ever be controlled by the pressure

Before the insurance company gives you an estimation of the damage soon. Don’t ever be tempted to sign a contract even the contractors insist you do that. Many contractors say that they can handle all the damage and for whatever the insurance company settles upon the damage. But you should ensure that the insurance company isn’t reckless to examine all the damage in every corner.

  1. Beware of your material choice

Contractors definitely have to offer a different option for the material. If they don’t, it’s actually not working for your interest. The resale value will be affected by the design, color and the materials that have been installed. If your interest is a new roof. It’s better for you to play with unique design new color with high-quality materials which fit your taste. GAF will recommend you for the right color and design for your house.

Roofing Contractors

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4 Tips for Choosing Roofing Company Which Suits For Your House

Roofing company works for roof installation, roof repairment, roof replacement and anything related to your roof. Roofing companies are various nowadays. You cannot decide very fast to choose one company. Roof is useful for keeping your house safe and comfortable. Roof protects house from rain and sun heat. That is why choosing roofing company should be right on target.

Roofing Company

Roofing Company

Any leakage of your roof during rain will be biggest problem in your house. You will be busy with your house work. If you have one company which you trust, it is not a big problem for you. But if it is your new house and you have no experiences to build any relation with roofing company, you may get difficulties to choose.

Four Tips Choosing The Roofing Company

For you who never hired roofing company should have many references. Browse the information through internet. Start from list of roofing companies in your states, service cost comparison and many others. Ask for colleagues or neighbors who ever hired roofing companies with good result.

If you still have doubt, you can contact Better Business Bureau to check their credibility. Here are four tips to choose the company!

  1. Gain information of roofing company

Professional roofing company will have clear information of it. Good company must have website which describes its company. There is clear address, phone and email to receive order. Also, it provides customer service to handle customer needs.

From website of a company, you can see the way it promotes its company. You can check the service cost of its service which you think are too high or normal cost. You will know how long the company runs its business. Roofing company which has been established for many years has more experience than others. It shows it is quite expert to handle the problems.

Noted what service it has. Correlate your needs with its service. See the track record and customer complain for one of its service. For example, you need to install roof for new house. One company may be expert in roofing installation but not good in repairment. Make sure that your company can install your roof based on you wants.

Contact Better Business Bureau helps you to know their track record and customer complaint. Not all roofing company wants to be open with its reputation. Some of them will hide its customer complaint in the past or hide its bad reputation. It will provide good information only in its website. Re checking to Better Business Bureau is a good choice.

Besides that, your company should tell you what materials it uses. It makes sense with how much the cost you have to pay. Roofing company needs to explain you the detail of service cost. So that you will know how much the cost for materials, service, workers and others.

  1. Make sure your roofing company has license

Roofing company should have license from its state or current city. License ensures the company had good credibility. Licensed roofing company will not hire uncertified technician. It means that your roof will be handling by professional only.

Roofing field is one of high risk job. The technicians or workers which are not certified or expert on it will possible get injured. You might be get trouble if one of them is injured. Especially if the company doesn’t provide any insurance to the technicians. You will be responsible for medical bills in hospital.

Licensed roofing company will not burden its customers and technicians. It will not take high risk by hiring uncertified technician. However, if something dangerous happens, it has provided already the insurance for each technician.

  1. Warranty in your roofing company

What customers want lately is how good the warranty they can get from the service. If you install the roof, but in short term there is natural disaster for example heavy rain or storm, it will harm your roof. You will not want to spend much money in second time. Roofing company should handle it. It should gives you warranty of new installation or repairment.

Make sure the warranty which the company gives to you, it uses same materials. Do not let them cheat on you by changing with low quality materials. Especially if that company gives you one time repairment only. You will be great disappointed.

You have to ask them detail information about what kind of warranty you get before the dealing. It will help you to save your money in long term. It is better if roofing company offer member account. Also, if it gives you discount by joining the member. It will make you trust them to do any repair in future.

  1. Written agreement in roofing company

Any dealing should require written agreement. Written agreement created based on proposal of your order and agreement of the dealing. It contains the concept of installation, detail repairment, materials, work time, warranty, cleaning surroundings and many others.

Professional roofing company will give you its best service to make you satisfied from its service. It will not break the written agreement. Written agreement ensures the verbal promises from both of you. If one of you breaks the agreement, it can claim using the written agreement.

In written agreement contains detail of service cost. Professional company understands how to estimate the cost of its service. It will not take great advantage from you by paying high cost of service. Written agreement prevents you to spend money outside the agreement. So you have no worries to need pay more in the middle. Usually, full payment is given in the end of work.

Roofing Company

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