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Lowe’s & Home Depot Metal Roofing Prices and Options (Lowes Roofing)

By Jeff Klaus

Lowes Roofing

Lowes Roofing

Lowe’s and Home Depot sell metal roofing, but only in select locations – mostly in northern states and in the Midwest. This is because there is not enough demand for these products in every store. Why? Well, smart guys at both of these companies did the market research and figured out that it does not make sense for them to stock metal roofing in every store. However, you can order online or at the Pro Desk, and in a couple of days your panels will be shipped to your nearest store, for pick-up.

In most of the US regions, products like asphalt shingles are much more popular than metal panels, which would not sell as well, while taking up valuable retail space. On the other hand, the weather conditions in northern states and in the Midwest create a much bigger demand for metal roof panels from homeowners and small contractors.

States where ice dams, hail damage or wild fires are common problems, are prime locations to carry metal panels, because metal roofing is excellent at preventing ice dams, stopping hail or fire. In fact, in many states where wildfires are a big problem, homeowners can get home a insurance discount if they install a metal roof.

Which metal roofing does Lowe’s and Home Depot sell

Oddly enough – Lowes roofing sells corrugated and 5-rib R-panel metal roofs made by Fabral – a well-known and respected manufacturer, which homeowners and contractors can also purchase from most roofing suppliers.

Home Depot sells the same type of 5-rib R Panel made by some “no name” brand – Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation. Honestly, I’ve never heard of them, while Fabral is a big player in the metal roofing industry.

So the primary type of metal roof that both of these stores sell is a 5-rib (R-panel profile) 29 ga steel roof panels with acrylic coating. This is an “exposed fastener system that is VERY easy to install for roofers and homeowners alike, and provides great protection from rain, snow and ice. Unlike asphalt shingles, it is a long-lasting roof covering (with proper maintenance).

Lowes Roofing

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